Cosun Residential Battery Energy System + PV

Cooperation with Sun
 Cosun New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd
 Co-founded by Bicosyn Energy Group in Hong Kong, Elektro Mürle GmbH in Pforzheim Germany and Ocell Battery Factory in China on 10 December 2013.
 Deeper Knowledge in Lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery as we manufactured the cell since 2009. The real situation is that most of the inverters
                                      engineers do not understand the LFP battery cells well. Cosun do have a deep understanding in this field.
 Richer Experience  in Active Balancing Battery Management, unlike most of the BMS for E-bike, HEV, EV, AGV in the market using the passive balancing
                                              techniques which we believe they are cheaper with some differences need to be correct to fit the ESS, Cosun uses the relatively expensive
                                              but more efficient and reliable active balancing technology.
 Closer Connection with top-brand inverter
 Wider Cooperation with IoT partners, cloud connection, automation technologies are put into use by cosun and her IoT partners cost-effectively.
 Upmost focus on improving User & Installer' s Experience for every detail Continuously: before our first generation RS-Box ESS system went into
 the market, 30 systems were tested in our Pforzheim neighbour house over one year with hundreds of feedback and follow-up improvements.
 Big Company look down upon the Home Battery System as the ESS on grid side market is much bigger than the home.
  Medium-size Company find no way out from their old ev/e0bike/AGV thinkings to RESS.
 Small-size Company are beyond their abilities for high and long-time invement in RESS.
 That's the secret cosun is competitive in the RESS market.
CE & UN38.3 Certification by Pony
Address:Oberer Hardweg 8 75181 Pforzheim, Germany
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